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Revive the Past is a Non-Profit organization aimed at restoring and revitalizing historical buildings and places in the Flint Hills region of Kansas, even if it's one nail and one flower bed at a time. Revive the Past Project is currently working to restore the "Old" Store in Volland, Kansas to its former glory. It began as a General Store in 1891, then it became the Mill Creek "Country Store" Museum in 1969. The Museum closed its doors around 1984 and nature took its toll on the small building. Now, a new generation has been inspired by this small unassuming building in the heart of the Flint Hills. Untouched in the last 30 years, its doors have been opened once more. Here is where our adventure begins.

Whats New: Our fund for collecting donations is now open!

Please help us revive the past and save this wonderful piece of history, even the smallest help can make a huge difference.

We have now added the Perry Family
The Perry Family

Updated: The History Page has had a major update and new look!

We have added many new stories for each of the Families.

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